DIPAN: Comprehensive management of your real estate assets

DIPAN provides a full range of treatments to deal with the 3 main problems that can affect hydraulic circuits:

  • rust
  • limescale
  • bacteria

DIPAN has specially patented processes and products for effectively addressing each of these risks.


DIPAN, the Swiss market leader for water system management, can help to increase the value of your assets by shoring up the safety and durability of your water systems.

Our company is trusted by the largest property managers.

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DIPAN technologies are trusted by leading organizations

Our research in Green Technology

DIPAN develops GreenTech solutions in partnership with the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology. These 100% natural products carry the Swiss-made label and are approved by the Federal Office of Public Health and cantonal chemists.


Develops its own solutions...

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Due regard for the environment

Optimized management

Right across your real estate portfolio


For better solutions with a wide range of scientific partners.


Risk Management for your buildings

Hydrodiag software enables you to manage and anticipate health risks.

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