Software for managing and anticipating sanitary risks.

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DIPAN is aware that curative treatment costs 20 times less than renovating pipes. Which is the reason why we have developed a risk management and prevention tool that is unique in Switzerland.

Hydropure® diagnoses provide a complete "health check" of your water networks: it estimates the remaining lifetime of your systems and enables you to anticipate any risk of damage due to water leaks, reduced flow and bacterial proliferation.

While the cost of maintaining hydraulic systems is paid by the tenant and incurs no additional charges for the owner, the latter is responsible for any accidents and the quality of the water.

DIPAN® diagnoses are a technical and financial management tool for high-precision planning of investments and measures to take.

The five Hydropure diagnostics:

  • Hot and cold water networks
  • Heating networks
  • Cooling networks
  • Fire water networks
  • Screening for legionella

A report is drawn up for each diagnostic, containing the following essential information:

  • Description of water structures
  • Mineral and bacterial water quality analyses
  • Metallographic analyses
  • Degree of scaling and corrosion
  • Projection of the life time of the pipes
  • Solutions for compliance (according to the Swiss health standards)
  • 10-year investment plan
Diagnostics Diagnostics
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DIPAN proposes a complete range of treatments to combat the three main problems encountered in hydraulic systems: rust, scaling and bacteria. Thanks to its patented procedures and products, DIPAN is equipped to apply effective solutions for each problem. DIPAN solutions are safe and long-lasting, but also economical thanks to the optimisation of building energy consumption.

green and economical solutions

Water system treatment

When pipes are blocked, corroded or scaled, treatment is essential in order to avoid costly renovations and all the inconvenience that goes with them.

The DIPAN 2020® and DIPAN 2030® technologies consist of injecting a protective coating that is dissolved directly in the water and becomes attached to the inner surfaces of the pipes. This dynamic protective layer prevents any future corrosion or oxidation, guaranteeing the total disappearance of leaks and extending the life time of your pipes by several decades.

Water system treatment

Heating system treatment

The DIPAN 1000® solution is a new heating system purification technology that can clean any type of installation and fully restore its heating capacity.

Traitement des réseaux de chauffage

Cooling system treatment

The DIPAN 2090® solution is injected into a closed circuit for as long as it takes to clean all the pipes and to do away with any rust and obstructions. This process comprises an initial neutralisation phase, followed by rinsing until the water is purified, clear and, above all, perfectly healthy.

Traitement des réseaux de refroidissement

Sprinkler system treatment

As sprinkler systems age, they can encounter problems due to rust, causing a major risk in the event of a fire. This point is particularly important in the commercial, industrial and chemical sectors, where fire-fighting systems must meet the strictest standards.

Injecting the DIPAN 5040® solution continuously eliminates the iron oxides and bacteria in your systems, leaving your pipes free of any deposits.

Traitement des réseaux anti-incendie

Legionella treatment

With more than 200 cases declared in Switzerland every year, legionella is a real public health issue. Legionella are living bacteria that proliferate in all artificial ecosystems, contaminating both hot and cold water networks. The age of the buildings and the piping is clearly a serious risk factor. But thanks to its treatments, DIPAN can neutralise the risk of bacterial proliferation.

On the strength of its expert skills and know-how in this specific field, DIPAN works in particular with hospitals and hotels.

Traitement contre la légionellose


DIPAN offers a global maintenance contract. This formula enables you to budget and stabilise your costs.

Its guarantees are valid for 10 years, ensuring perfect water quality and optimal protection for your systems over the long term.

A computerised data entry system in the buildings we maintain is used to check our technicians’ operations and allows for transparent maintenance costs.

Diagram with the three service and guarantee options.

the total guarantee contract
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