Software for managing and anticipating sanitary risks.

In collaboration with the University of Geneva, a study was conducted on more than 2,500 buildings in Switzerland to examine the development of water-pipe corrosion (hot & cold water supply systems).

Analyse your buildings in one click!

Carry out an analysis on potential risks to determine the risk percentage, for all of your property assets.

The software can be used in just four steps: It’s easy!

Get secure, confidential access

Import data into the HydroDiag software

Analyse buildings in one click

Manage technical and financial data

Use X-ray imaging for your assets!

HydroDiag lets you plan the measures to be taken for each building, and helps you to avoid major, costly renovations.

Low risk
Reassessment in 10 years
Moderate risk
Reassessment in 5 years
High risk

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