Research & Development

An innovative spirit is an integral part of the DIPAN philosophy. The company has made major investments in physiochemical research, in partnership with federal polytechnic colleges (EPFL, EPFZ).

The products and procedures developed by the company are patented by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) and approved by OFSP (Federal Office of Public Health) and the Swiss health authorities.

Through its quality management system, DIPAN develops the products that it produces entirely and systematically reviews its working procedures in an effort to make them even more efficient.

The improvement of services and products is part of a continuous process of enhancing safety and efficiency, with total respect for the environment.

ETH Zürich, EPFL, Confédération suisse, WIPO


DIPAN water treatments generate energy savings of up to 80% and thereby help reduce CO2 emissions.

Environmental protection precautions and measures are respected throughout the process:

  • before the treatment (logistics and vehicles)
  • during the treatment (neutralisation of the products)
  • after the treatment (analysis and monitoring of over-consumption)

The products and procedures developed by the company are perfectly adapted to the environment, and are totally harmless to living organisms.

Caring for the environment Caring for the environment

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